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I'm KK, founder of Wholesome by KK, a nutritionist, Longevity & lifestyle specialist


Believe it or not, the corporate VP burnout is the best thing that ever happened to me! It was a rough wake-up call, but it came timely.

It opened up the opportunity for me to discover what I'm truly about, allowed me to grow personally and professionally, and led to some of the most significant advancements in both my career and my health!

Now, as a qualified nutritionist and longevity and lifestyle specialist (in-training), I help ambitious women reverse aging so they can feel mentally sharp and full of energy. 

a little bit about me

I help ambitious WOMEN reverse aging, regain energy, focus and feeling sexy & confident.


I decided to run my own business after a burnout as a VP in the corporate world. I did so because I knew I’m a hard-working high achiever, a perfectionist who doesn’t drop the pen at 5 pm. I wanted to work based on my own values. I wanted more work/life balance spending more time with my family.

The perfectionist with big plans

I founded Wholesome by KK, initially focusing on health coaching & emotional eating psychology. Post my nutrition postgrad and intuitive eating certification, I incorporated nutrition advice and I served women facing loss-of-control eating. Enjoying the independence, freedom, and potential wealth from being my own boss.

wholesome by KK - my baby

A year down the road, I started to experience struggles similar to those I had when I worked for corporate. I always wanted to have a work/life balance. Actually, more life and less work. I was super excited by each project I started. But this excitement, the adrenaline of starting something new, pushed me to work harder. It didn’t feel like work because I enjoyed every minute. But sure, my body did.


And 'surprisingly' (*cough), I woke up in the mornings exhausted, demotivated, and 'hungry' for coffee. I had difficulties concentrating, and I felt I slowed down. I took longer to make decisions. On top of that, I felt old. I looked into the mirror and saw the number and the depth of wrinkles double in a year. My image reminded my mum. Yes, I am getting older. But should I really feel 'that old'? Sometimes, even sluggish, forgetful.

I'm getting old!!

And I said 'hold on!' This doesn’t feel different from when I worked for corporate. Even though I had the power to manage my days, I could have made the time to prioritize my health, eat nutritious food that supports my energy, and exercise more to feel more capable and energetic. But I didn’t. I again gave permission to myself somewhere to prioritize work over my health, which came with consequences.

setting the priorities right

How I got here

my Full Story

I knew if I continued this way, I would be going away from the person I wanted to be. Free, independent, and wealthy. If I continue this way, I will not be free to spend my time with my family, enjoy the fruits of my hard work, and live a truly healthy and wholesome life while I successfully build my business further. So, I decided to get better at it.

the realization

That was the moment when I started investing time & money in studying longevity. I wanted to optimize my health. I wanted to be sharp and energetic again. I want to live longer and healthier, enjoy time with my loved ones, and travel to see the world! My phenotypic age is 28, and my inner age is 33.4 (different ways of calculating biological age). In comparison, my chronological age is 42. I’m definitely on the right path!

the commitment

Now, I help ambitious women boost their energy and slow down aging so they can thrive in a fulfilling life.

My signature program includes personalized nutrition, resilience, recovery protocols, improving cognitive functions, and lifestyle interventions. 

My offer

OUR approach

Science-backed nutrition & lifestyle intervention to lower biological age in order to boost energy and mental clarity 

Our goal is to target the signs of aging, utilizing nutrient-dense foods and proven lifestyle habits. This approach activates your body's natural mechanisms, slowing the aging process and helping to ward off chronic diseases. By adopting this lifestyle, you'll be working on influencing your epigenome and the way your genes behave.

Regardless of your family background, current health condition, age, or weight, you can embark on a journey to improve your overall health, lower your biological age, and potentially increase both your health span and life span.

I'm a mom, business owner, and nutritionist, so I know how precious time is. At 42, I'm determined to live a long, healthy life. I understand that any program needs to be practical. Stressing over complicated programs can actually make things worse by speeding up aging. That's why we focus on offering strategies that are easy to follow and really work, based on what we've seen in the research. It's all about finding a balance that positively impacts your health without overwhelming you.

Certificates & affiliations


postgraduate diploma in human nutrition - Deakin University, Australia

Certified longevity and lifestyle specialist (in trainING) - Human Longevity Institute, USA

Certified integrative nutrition health Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, USA

Certified intuitive Eating Counselor 

Certified emotional Eating Coach

Master of business Administration - Northumbria university, UK

Master of accounting - Murdoch university, Australia

certified International health coach

sport nutrition specialist - NCSF, USA

Memberships & Affiliates

nutrition society of Australia

Integrative and functional nutrition academy


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