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we help you feel as energized and sharp as in your 20s AND return to feeling sexy and confident in your skin inside out!

HERE'S HOW WE CAN HELP you finally take control over your well-being, thrive & lead with confidence.

Step into a life where your 40s and 50s are as energetic and focused as your 20s. 

Our program empowers you to regain your energy and focus, just like in your 20s.

With personalized advice, we tackle not just symptoms like brain fog and fatigue but fundamentally rejuvenate your health. Expect to feel more alive, shed unwanted weight, and enjoy clearer thinking. Plus, as a wonderful side effect, you'll likely see improvements in digestion and mood!

Boosted Energy: Feel more awake and ready to tackle the day. No more dragging yourself through afternoons. 

Stress Reduction: Handle life's ups and downs with a cooler head. Stress doesn't knock you down anymore.

Improved Sleep: Enjoy deep, restful nights. Wake up feeling refreshed and set for the day.

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Peak Performance: Get more done, better and faster. From work to workouts, you're on top of your game.

Extra benefits: noticeable weight loss, more toned body, smoother digestion,  better mood.


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VIP support is for you!

Whether you're aiming to boost your energy, sharpen your focus, or completely rejuvenate your health, and reverse aging, you'll have access to tailored nutrition plans, science-backed longevity practices, and a dedicated team of experts guiding you every step of the way.

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Nutrition & lifestyle assessment

Unsure if our program is for you? Book a free strategy call to discuss your goals and how we can proceed with a nutrition and lifestyle assessment. Based on that, we'll build a personalized plan for the entire program to help you decide if you want to move forward.

Get a detailed, personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan 

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Follow the plan and get VIP support

It all starts with
a strategy call

It is a free 30-minute call during which we discuss your goals and how we can work together. If we are aligned, we send you a nutrition and lifestyle assessment and build a personalized 3 to 12-month plan just for you.

You celebrate with renewed energy, confidence and look!

Depending on your ambition, a 3-to 12-month implementation phase with weekly progress reports and support or the VIP support will allow you to access our expertise anytime. 

40s & 50s are the new 20s!!




Process and how I work with you

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my approach

Science-backed nutrition & lifestyle intervention to lower biological age in order to boost energy and mental clarity 

My goal is to target the signs of aging, utilizing nutrient-dense foods and proven lifestyle habits. This approach activates your body's natural mechanisms, slowing the aging process and helping to ward off chronic diseases. By adopting this lifestyle, you'll be working on influencing your epigenome and the way your genes behave.

Regardless of your family background, current health condition, age, or weight, you can embark on a journey to improve your overall health, lower your biological age, and potentially increase both your health span and life span.

I'm a mom, business owner, and nutritionist, so I know how precious time is. At 42, I'm determined to live a long, healthy life. I understand that any program needs to be practical. Stressing over complicated programs can actually make things worse by speeding up aging. That's why I focus on offering strategies that are easy to follow and really work, based on what we've seen in the research. It's all about finding a balance that positively impacts your health without overwhelming you.

In a world full of quick fixes and the latest diet trends, our programs and plans stand out because it's backed by solid science. It’s all about real health changes, not just temporary weight loss. It goes deep—right into your genes. 


Our approach isn’t just another diet; it’s a way to make your genes work better for you so you can feel younger, no matter your calendar age. This isn't about following a fad; it's about making lasting changes to improve your health from the inside out.

Whether you're deep into wellness or a dedicated biohacker chasing longevity, our programs and plans offer a safe path without the risk of going overboard or spending your efforts on less impactful practices.

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 She’s knowledgeable, has lived experiences, is genuine in her caring and support and simply wants the best for me!

KK is amazing! 

 Continuing on this program is great- I trust your process and the process and I am definitely seeing positive progress and changes. You are fantastic!

I'm learning to treat my body with the respect it gives me each day.

 I am confident I can conquer most situations and see each moment as a learning opportunity rather than bearing myself up over it. My energy is also more positive and I am also going to the gym now as well and incorporating a balanced lifestyle with food and exercise.

I feel more positive bc I am looking after myself. 


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